The Client

Project Huruma is a charity run by Jeremy Ousey and his aim is to provide tangible aid to pre-existing institutions in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. What that means is that rather than starting afresh, they aim to improve what is already there; and unfortunately there is a lot to improve. The charity’s focuses are on orphanages, hospitals and healthcare, though primarily the latter two.


To create a website that is colourful but conservative. The website had to facilitate donations online and have a comments section similar to third-party donation websites. It also had to be updatable by Jeremy from anywhere in the world, so he could keep donors up-to-date with the latest news from Tanzania.

For the Website

We decided to build Project Huruma’s website using WordPress. This then gave a solid CMS base and enabled Jeremey to post updates and make small adjustments from anywhere with internet access and also via some mobile devices. By being built on WordPress, we had a whole host of plugins that could be used for the donations page. This gave donors the ability to choose the amount they were donating, leave a comment and stay anonymous if they should wish.