The Client

Rufus Stone design, produce and sell strictly limited edition books and box sets on the music and bands that matter.


Rufus Stone wanted customers to be able to look at previews of the books that they sell. A reading room. This would help customers get a more informed choice when choosing which edition to purchase. The website had to be consistent with the design of their main site and to be simple & intuitive. They also wanted something different to the usual ‘slap-up-a-downloadable-pdf’ that many business do.

For the Website

After some crazy ideas, we settled on one that we thought would look great and was feasible taking into account deadlines and budgets. We used turn.js to provide the scripts for our page turning previews. We also created an animated area in what would be known as ‘the book shelf’ where all published books could be previewed. Once a book is clicked on, a window opens, as well as the book. The customer can then flick through like a book, turning pages one-by-one.