Brand Identity


Isn't it just a logo?

This is something that we hear a lot and it’s a common misconception that a businesses logo itself is a ‘brand’. A brand is much more than a visual graphic or colours on a website, it’s a perception, it’s something that lives in the minds of others. A brand is something that can positively influence your potential customers. It’s the unique image created for your business.

A brand has personality.

A brand isn’t a logo nor is it a font. A brand has personality, just like you. To really simulate what people see in your brand, we need to imagine your brand as a person. Is it a he or she, is he serious, is she playful? If you start looking at your brand like this, you can easily develop your brand much more effectively and create a clear image to associate with.


Brand Consistency.

Consistency is crucial when developing and maintaining a brand. Brand consistency is where clear guidelines are laid out to best implement your brand into all parts of your business. From signage, stationary, fonts and colours this guide will help you insure that everything that happens within your business stays on brand.

What our Clients say.

“Tiny Shark did an incredible job redesigning my portfolio website. The team were very quick in understanding my goals and the direction I wanted to go forward in. The e-commerce functionality is fantastic and my print sales have literally gone through the roof!.”
Greg Smith Photography

“The new site really is what we were looking for. From the simple, clean user experience to the database driven email system & CMS. It’s award winning.”
2 Save Energy (The OWL)

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