Digital Strategy


Brainstorming Ideas.

Brainstorming ideas and getting people together is where the best ideas usually originate. Combine this with an already creative group of people and see the magic happen. As a creative group, we always think up great ideas. In fact, it’s usually many great ideas.

For any business, brainstorming should be a key role when considering future roadmaps, products and services. As an external business, we can look at your work from an objective standing. This is something you can’t do when you’re the object.

Identifying Goals.

This may sound simple but It can be one of the hardest parts of your future planning. It’s difficult to know where your likely to be in the future and this principle applies to your goals. As an external business we can look at things objectively and give you guidance on what would be best for your business moving forward.

This combined with some creative brainstorming could open up some new avenues for your business that you thought were never a possibility.

Market Research.

Market research is extremely important and helps you understand potentials customers that could be within targeted demographic. We can help you specify exactly who your target market is and how to reach them with maximum impact, thus results.

The internet gives businesses access to billions of potential customers. We can show you how to get the most from analytics and user reports to see how your potential customers are reacting to current trends on the internet.


Constructing a brief.

A creative brief is a document that offers us, the designers, a blueprint for creating an ad, website and any other marketing or advertising initiatives. This includes information about your target audience, the tonality of the creative direction, the rationale and any possible offer from you, the client. Constructing a good creative brief is key to a successful project. Of course it will cost you extra money, time and effort however this is almost always recovered by the time saved by designers knowing exactly what they are doing. No guesswork is involved. A brief allows us to focus our efforts on exactly what matters and create a much clearer message.


The Results.

The results speak for themselves and many of our clients tell us that the extra resources put into creating a good, strong digital strategy were quickly recovered from objectives set-out within the plan. Albeit from a new section of their website, or a completely new business model that had created from the collaboration of our creative team. You wouldn’t build your new house without an architect so why develop your business without a digital strategy?

What our Clients say.

“Tiny Shark did an incredible job redesigning my portfolio website. The team were very quick in understanding my goals and the direction I wanted to go forward in. The e-commerce functionality is fantastic and my print sales have literally gone through the roof!.”
Greg Smith Photography

“The new site really is what we were looking for. From the simple, clean user experience to the database driven email system & CMS. It’s award winning.”
2 Save Energy (The OWL)

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